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Brew #10: Juicy Fruit Pale Ale Take 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

We decided to re-brew another one of our beers again! This time we decided to take on our juicy fruit pale ale recipe. Last time we brewed this it was so tasty but we felt that we could make it even better with a few changes so a re-brew was on the cards.

Details on version 1 can be found here.

Recipe planning

Method: All-grain BIAB

Batch size: 10 litres

Estimated OG: 1.054

Estimated FG: 1.012

Estimated ABV: 5.5%

Estimated IBU (Tinseth): 57

Estimated EBC: 20


2.35 kg Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner (4 EBC)

277 g Simpson Crystal Light (104 EBC)

139 g Crisp Wheat Pale (3.5 EBC)

Hops: 90 min hop boil

  • 60 mins, 12 g Magnum whole leaf (11% AA)

  • 15 mins, 6 g Mosaic pellets (11.4% AA)

  • 15 mins, 6 g Simcoe pellets (13.3% AA)

  • 0 mins, 6 g Mosaic pellets (11.4% AA)

  • 0 mins, 6 g Simcoe pellets (13.3% AA)

  • Dry hop for 3 days, 34 g Mosaic pellets (11.4% AA)

  • Dry hop for 3 days, 34 g Simcoe pellets (13.3% AA)


Fermentis US-05 Safale American (1 pkg)


1/2 tsp Irish Moss at 15 mins remaining of the hop boil


Mash at 65°C, mash out to 75°C

Fermentation 14 days: 20°C

Carbonation: 2.4 CO2-vol

Brew day - 08/08/20

Another weekend, another brew day and this week's brew was Wowee Zowee West Coast IPA by Unity Brewing, a lovely brewery based on Southampton.This beer was super tasty and well brewed. I discovered this brewery after they got involved in the Black is beautiful initiative and I have now decided they are an amazing underrated brewery! I will definitely be ordering more from there!

The grain bill for this one is pretty simple, just maris otter and caramel malts.

We mashed at 66°C for 1 hour in 7 litres of water, mashed out at 76°C and sparged with 8 litres of water.

The wort was boiled for 90 mins and had 3 hop additions (pictured left to right). 60 min Magnum addition for bitterness and a 15 min and 0 min addition for flavour and aroma respectively.

We cooled the wort and took a hydrometer reading. It came in at 1.064 and after diluting with water we hit the OG of 1.056 that we were aiming for. This meant that this version of Juicy Fruit Pale has the same original gravity as version 1.

While this beer was fermenting we were hanging out in Beautiful Wales. Lots of hikes, cycling and beer research was done! Meanwhile in London there was a massive heatwave with temperatures hitting 35°C. With no open windows and an unopened flat we literally have no idea what temperature this beer hit during fermentation but I imagine much higher than the 25°C limit that the yeast prefers. Oh well. Here are some lovely pictures of us hanging out in beautiful Wales.

A little bit of beer research was thrown in as too. Well a lot of beer research was thrown in!

Dry hopping - 19/08/20

The biggest change we made between version 1 and 2 was at the dry hopping step. We decided to increase the dry hop compared to version 1 to try and enhance the flavour. We doubled from 17 g of Mosaic and Simcoe to 34 g of each hop for the re-brew.

Bottling day - 22/08/20

This beer was slightly lighter than brew 1 ending with a gravity of 1.014, rather than the 1.012 finish on our last brew. This meant it was lighter at 5.5% compared to the 5.8% from version 1. This was probably down to the high temperatures that we experienced during the London heatwave but considering the conditions this was a good finish. Also I prefer lighter beer so this was a win for me! We carbonated the beer at 2.4 CO2-Vol by adding 63 g Dextrose sugar. We bottled up and ended up with 22 bottles, mostly 330 ml bottles with a few larger 500 ml bottles.

Beer day - 05/09/20


This re-brew of the juicy fruit is so punchy in flavour. There is a mango smell and seriously fruity tropical taste with mango notes and alcohol warmth. Nice carbonation but very little head so we could increase the carbonation. Similar to version 1 it was light on bitterness. The increased dry hop makes this beer much punchy and tasty than the previous version but maybe a tad less refreshing which is perfect for a autumn season coming. I think I prefer this re-brew to version 1 but I would be happy to be served both and this concludes that Juicy Fruit is a beer that we will be brewing again. Maybe next Summer! I love it!

Tasting notes:

Colour: Orange amber appearance

Clarity: Fairly clear, no sediment

Carbonation: Very light carbonation with light but maintained head.

Smell: Tropical mango

Taste: Fruity and tropical flavour. Thin mouthfeel.

Alcohol level: 5.5%

Perceived alcohol level: Not too alcoholic

Desirable: Yes

Would I pay money for it?: Yes

Rating: 3.8/5

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