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About me!

Hi! My name is Faith and I am a Research Scientist living in London. The UK is currently under a coronavirus lockdown and as a Scientist I can't go into the lab to do experiments so I have started this blog to document how I am filling my days. 


I hope to use this blog to showcase my new venture into homebrewing beer and my attempts at levelling up my baking, or anything else I feel like posting. I have called this blog "A Life of Faff" because it is basically just a log of me faffing about.

I homebrew beer with my partner Dave, sometimes referred to as D on this blog. We are both huge craft beer lovers and have wanted to attempt homebrewing beer for a long time. We starting brewing back in February 2020 and are almost complete beginners. Follow our journey as we learn how to produce great beers from our tiny London flat.

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